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Tips For Designing An Ideal Learning Space To Bring Out The Best In Students

Education has been the great enabler of the success of many civilizations throughout history and the situation today is no different. In order to transfer knowledge in an effective manner, teachers are constantly trying to improve the state of classrooms and the method of delivery to educate their students in the best manner possible. In creating this educational utopia, the most important thing is to get the designing right, because there’s only so much you can do after everything is built and finalized. If you are a teacher or a parent who is planning on designing an ideal learning space for the children, continue reading this article to learn about a few tips that will be helpful.

Focus on focus!

Learning a number of subjects each day will prove to be an uphill task, even for the best and brightest of children and in doing so, they should be able to stay focused on what they are taught, without getting distracted by the happenings in the surrounding. When designing the area, a special level of attention must be given to this aspect, which unfortunately is overlooked by most. To minimize the noise inside the room, which is one of the major causes of distraction, line the walls using noise reduction wall panels which will absorb too much noise to keep the internal environment quieter. Use colours such as light yellow, light brown or off white when painting the walls, as such colours can increase creativity, reduce fatigue, improve attention and generate positive feelings in the pupils. It’s perfectly okay to use posters, pictures and stickers to decorate the space, but don’t overdo it and make the atmosphere too distracting.


This aspect will depend on the nature of students with whom you are engaging and the in-class activities that are done. While it is possible to change the layout depending on the specific requirements and the nature of the students, the general design must be adequate to the purpose. Setting up long tables and chairs raw by raw will give you the opportunity to use great acoustic panels Melbourne to minimize the noise and make it easier for the children to pay attention. Small groups of desks are great for collaborative group activities while U shaped seating will give everyone an opportunity to be a front-row seater.

Enable movement

Even us grownups don’t like having to sit at the workstation all day and do our jobs because it’s dull and downright boring. Imagine how awful a child would feel if they had to learn like that. Studies show that children need to move about while learning to absorb information effectively and actually enjoy it. Design the classroom layout in such a way that enables them to get up, and move about whenever they need. This will also prevent strains and bodily injuries that are caused due to remaining in the same posture for too long.

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